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Once Upon a Time in the Foxes Den Kingdom (Part 2) - The Foxes Den Team

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Lucy was taken aback….she trusted Ms. Nettle completely, but the point of coming out here at all today was to find her one and only…..well, frog. 

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“But Jan here just offered me the Rose of Time which will help some sort of a prince, this bunny here just told me that the key saves another prince…..and I don’t see how either of these objects could help MY prince who is CURRENTLY A FROG!  This lake here is just full of frogs and I don’t know where to start looking.  I called you here to help me…”

“And that is exactly what I am trying to do!  The Evil Queen is at it again!  Can we talk in private?” asked Ms. Nettle.


Lucy followed Ms. Nettle a little ways off.  As they walked, she noticed one of the many foxes in Foxes Den Kingdom playing on a log.  He looked up at her and smiled, a knowing smile?    She heard an owl from far off, one of the Evil Queen’s minions?  Ms. Nettle has made Lucy extremely paranoid.  She starts to see evil faces forming on one of the trees in front of her.  It gave her a grizzly smile, only for a moment, then the face was gone. 


“Ok, now that was weird….how long must we trek through these, what you would call, enchanted woods?  Me, I would probably more likely use a word such as “possessed” or “haunted,” but that is just me,” said Lucy.

“You are not seeing things, and you are not paranoid…..somebody or something is following us.  I know a place we cannot be disturbed.”

Finally, Ms. Nettle stopped when they had reached an ancient, run down chapel with a gorgeous view of the water.  Evil entities cannot enter any sort of religious building without showing their true form.  Most of these entities don’t want anyone to know their true form since they are able to look like whomever and whatever they want most the time.  It’s a great way to stay off the radar should a “hero” be motivated to try to track them down.

“Ok, first of all...what on earth are you thinking consorting with a bunny of all creatures?  You can never trust anything in these woods…..the cuter, the less trustworthy!  Second, I am trying to help you find your prince.  Rumor has it that the Evil Queen was the one who turned the Prince to a frog, which is not a surprise, but she is also the one that has the cure!  We need to find her and stop her…..” Ms. Nettle let slip.  She was so shaken up that she began to loose some of her feathers.
Donna Rowand                

“Stop her from what?” asked Lucy.

Ms. Nettle didn’t mean to let Lucy know her own personal vendetta.  But it must be done.

“Lulu, you have a way of always knowing when something is amiss.  I have to stop the Evil Queen from meeting up with Salome, the princess of the Patatuchi tribe.”

Barb and Ace

“Salome, I have heard of her.  I have never heard anything other than that she is a wild child, always getting herself into trouble.  Word has it that if the Queen gets ahold of you, you are either dead or will be held prisoner via a magic collar full of spikes that will never let you go.  You have always said to stay out of the Wicked Queen’s way….no matter what.  What brings about this change now?”

“I know Salome.  I have been her guardian, just like I have been yours.  Salome…is, well, a very disturbed girl.  She has powers, but she is too young to know what to do with them.  I fear that one of the Queen’s minions has already made it to her.  Last time I saw her, she was deeply disturbed…”

“What do you care if the all powerful Queen meets up with a girl who may or may not have powers?”

“Lucy, this is no make believe fairy tale that always has a happy ending!  I believe Salome’s powers far outweigh the powers of the Evil Queen.  That would be good news if she were on our side, but should the Queen influence her….it could be trouble….”

Suddenly Whimsy appeared from the canopy above with both the bunny and Jan the Spidress (still clutching the Rose of Time), and a new visitor…..Zinc, the Elf, all on her back.

Jan suddenly seemed very uncomfortable at the sight of the chapel and decided to take her leave.

Lucy ran after Jan. 

“I will hold onto this Rose of Time until I get an offer for it.  If you ever change your mind and need to find me….ask Ms. Nettle.  She will know where to find me.”

Jan transformed into a young girl with flaming red hair, red eyes, and a small black dress.  Black, the color of death.

“I think I may have a solution that may satisfy everyone…….well, almost everyone.”

This should be worth hearing. 


“I will bring you to the place where this key will open a door for us, in more ways than one.  I guarantee there is something there that will help YOUR prince, PrinceFilmore Fleizenmouth.  No wait, PrinceWart S. Oliver.  Ok, ok, your prince Charming.  I wonder if being able to wrap your tongue around a bug that is whizzing around would help him in the kissing department….”

Jan, or whoever this girl was, was really starting to get on Lucy’s nerves.

“Jan, the “Spidress of Love,” I was wondering if sucking the goo out of all those caterpillars has given you the ability of metamorphosis.  Who are you to be talking about Charmy’s current diet…”  Lucy retorted.


“Fine, I guess you won’t be kissing any Princes any time soon.”

“Alright, fine, let me just talk to my friends….at least let them know where I am going.” 

Lucy knew that Ms. Nettle would not approve of her going with Jan….but Ms. Nettle wasn’t her mother.  Ms. Nettle couldn’t control Lucy.  It seemed as if the forest had taken on an identity of its own at this point.  It didn’t seem she was where she was just a few moments ago.  In fact, Lucy had no idea which way was the way back.

“Ms. Nettle will just send you home….you know how she is….”

Oh great thought Lucy.  How does this girl know Ms. Nettle?  I believe I have finally met the infamous Salome of the Patatuchi tribe.    But if this Salome really is who Ms. Nettle thinks she is…..who better to go with than this all powerful (and hopefully easily influenced) teen?

“Ok, I will go with you.  What do you want out of this deal anyway?” asked Lucy.

“Lulu, we are two of a kind.  Let’s just say you are not the only one who is confused and trying to find her way……” replied the girl.

Lucy was thankful for her power.  She didn’t really understand what the extent of her power was, but she did know that she could send a message to Whimsy just by closing her eyes and concentrating all thoughts on the Pugisorn.  She told Whimsy to follow her trail, above the canopy of the forest, to make sure that everything was ok.  She made sure to include that Whimsy should come alone.


“What is your problem?” asked the impatient teen.

“Oh, sorry, I was just….well, just feeling a little faint for a second,” lied Lucy.

“This is going to be a long journey for you if you are already displaying such weakness….”

Lucy wasn’t really listening to the girl.  She was hoping that Whimsy would be able to find her.  She was guessing the dangers that lay ahead.  Did this girl call me “Lulu”?  she thought.  How much does this girl whom I know nothing about (other than pure speculation) knows the pet name my closest of friends call me by?


“Let’s get going.  We have quite a hike to the Forbidden Orchard.  There are many dangers between here and there.  And the Forbidden Orchard wouldn’t exactly be considered a sanctuary, if you know what I mean….”

“What kind of dangers?”

“It may be better if you don’t know….but I will tell you of the first obstacle we will be coming across.  A witch with a Cookie and Candy house who eats anyone and anything she can get her hands on…and don’t even THINK about eating any of the goodies….no matter what!” said the teen.

“This girl really is nuts.  Everyone knows that witch was destroyed by Lord Hansel and Lady Gretal.  Or so everyone thinks……” thought Lucy.

To Be Continued…..

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  1. Fantastic! Love this! Very creative!
    GO FOXES!!!!!
    Hugs, Becca

    1. Thanks so much Becca!!:) I just might have to add a character named Becky...hmmmm....;)

      I actually worked on part two with my 2nd grader (I am a teacher)! She is very excited to help me on part 3:)


  2. OMGosh, this is absolutely wonderful and funny. I even actually laughed out loud, especially with some of the names!

    So eager to read the next installment.

    How gracious of you to do this for everyone in The Foxes Den Team.


    1. Lulu, I am sooo glad you like it:) I work with kids....what can I say?? :)

      I am excited to start it:)


  3. Love it!! This is wonderful, fantastic, creative, etc etc etc

    Thanks so much !!!!!!!

  4. Wow, how creative is that, quite the story teller. Of course you had to leave us hanging be continued. What a wonderful way to feature so many people in the group.

  5. You certainly have quite an imagination! I love your be continued:) Thank you♥

  6. Thank you so much everyone! XOXOXO Heather

  7. Holy moly! Wow, thank you so much for including me in this super fun team blog post - fairy tales are RIGHT up my alley! I didn't even know such a thing existed -I'd love to join your team :)


    1. SOOOOO glad you like this story and even would love to join the team! I just sent you the invite on Etsy:) You will love all of our friendly, fun, and supportive members:)

      (Honeyshandeys on etsy)

  8. This is so cute! What a great imagination you have....I know I could not do this! Great job!