Sunday, April 29, 2012

Once Upon A Time in Foxes Den Kingdom Part 1

Once upon a time there was a young girl with a dream. This girl was not just any ordinary girl, but this being a fairy tale you probably already expected that. Her name was Lucy....but nobody called her that. Honey had made sure of that. Now everyone insists on calling her Lulu.

"Well, if it makes everyone happy then so be it," thought Lucy

Anyways, Lucy had a dream, a dream that one day she Prince Charming (again, what did you expect?). In most Fairy Tales, the girl had to meet a frog, and kiss it.

"Eh, doesn't seem bad. It couldn't be worse than that time I was forced to kiss Auntie Bala...she certainly has some qualities of a frog.  She doesn’t seem to be the nicest of people either, if you know what I mean.  She gave me some sort of key on a lace choker as a birthday gift.  She told me that my only chance of happiness lies in the secret of the key.  I asked her if she knew the secret.  She responded, ‘Yup.’”  Auntie Bala just got up and left after that.  But I am getting off topic.
Lucy lived in a beautiful enchanted cottage called ThePrincess Sweet Gardens.  This little cottage is surrounded by beautiful gardens and sits nestled in a small valley at the foot of the Castle.  Yes, Lucy was one of the many ‘fortunate’ Ladies of King……oh that is also for later.  She wanted to, “live, laugh, and LOVE,” and running away to find Prince Charming was the only option.  Last she had heard, he had been turned into a frog by some evil entity.  She figured that the only cure she knew for turning a frog that was a prince, back into a prince was a big smooch!

Honeys Handeys
Thank goodness for Whimsy, her pink Pugisorn.  Pugisorns are unicorns with wings for those of you who are not familiar, the Pugisorn looks much like a My Little Pony with wings and a horn.  Whimsy is pink with flame colored wings and perfectly placed long green mane and tail.  Lucy grabbed her favorite shawl; Honey had made it for her.  She grabbed the key her aunt gave….for no other reason than that it went great with her Daisy Shawl.  She grabbed her Vintage Italian Porcelain Bell.  It was the way she called Ms. NETTLE GOBLINDANCER.  Lucy was heading toward Whimy’s stall to head toward Lake Wales, just a mile east of us. 

“Ms. Nettle will respond to my bell there and I bet this is where Charmy would go….we had met there many times.  Ms. Nettle lives in brambles and blackberry bushes in the forest outside of Chatterly Kingdom in Lancombe County.  But being a butterfly cat, she can fly quickly, the insect and cat genetics combined make for one sort of super fairy.   ‘They’ say she is only seen when the bees swarm, and the crickets chirrup.  Well, ‘They’ didn’t have my Vintage Italian Porcelain Bell.”     

Whimsy has already saddled herself up….that’s the way things work here, ok?  Lucy gives her a nuzzle and kiss which are returned gratefully, and then they are off to Lake Wales.  As soon as they land Lucy is overcome with the beauty of the hanging trees as she always is.  She jumps off Whimsy and they head over to the lake.

“Whimsy, there are a lot of frogs…..I don’t mind kissing one, but how many frogs do I have to kiss before I find my Prince Charming with his feather in his hat?”

Whimsy nudges at my small leather pouch holding the bell.  Lucy wastes no time and RINGS like crazy.  Nothing.  Wait, something is making it’s way out of the bushes.  And along came a spider….clutching a rose.  Not any ordinary rose (as would AGAIN be expected). 

“Oh gross, it is a spider, although this spider would make a great fashion accessory.”

The spider began to speak to Lucy, which surprised her.  Not that the spider could talk, but that a spider would want to talk to her!  Humans are not on the top of the Spider’s Favorite List, probably in the same spot that spiders are on ours. 

“I can’t help but notice that you have a beautiful key on your Lace Choker.  I will give you this ‘Rose of Time.’

“What is this “Rose of Time” any good for anyway?” spat Lucy.

“What is the key good for?” retorted the spider.
The spider had a good point.  Lucy really had no idea what the key was for.  Auntie Bala made sure to that.  Out hops the cutest little bunny Lucy had ever seen. 

“Don’t listen!  I think I know what that key is good for and I KNOW it won’t be a good idea to give it to a spider.”

“But what about the ‘Rose of Time’?” asked Lucy.

“Don’t listen to this little rabbit.  She may look cute, but she isn’t all she seems.  My name is Jan, Jan the Spidress of Love.  I will tell you, what I am holding in my legs is the future of a young prince.  Be he your Prince Charming?  I know not, but I do know that this Rose is very important to his well being…in a way,” said Jan.

“No, don’t listen to this devious spider!  She would steal those beautiful Silver Swarovski Crystal Luminous Green and Rose Peach Pearl Drop Earrings dangling from your beautiful ears if she could.  The key that you hold means saving the life…kinda…of a different prince,” said the Rabbit.
Lucy was torn.  Two different princes, how can she choose between each one?  Not only that, who is to say that either of these characters are telling the truth.

 Ms. Nettle finally appeared.

“Lulu, I have much to tell you!  There is no time to waste.  Let’s just say that we have problems.  To name a few, there is aWicked Queen, a very dangerous Cherry Tree, a greedy yet knowledgeable Troll, a Skull Pendant of Death and a secret about the Wicked Queen…….”


But what about my Prin………”
"That can be left for later.  For now, I guess we must all go…….."

To Be Continued   .......................


  1. How cool! And I love all of the items you featured throughout the story...what a great idea!