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Once Upon a Time in the Foxes Den Kingdom (Part 3) - The Foxes Den Team

PART 3 - Introducing Honey

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Honey woke up that morning excited to enjoy the day.  She was hoping to meet up with Lulu….Lulu had sent her a “mental text” about Charmy being turned into a frog.  It may sound selfish, but Honey was excited!  Finally, something exciting to do!  Scout, Scarlet, Djali and Dodger were suffocating Honey as she lay in bed. 

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“I don’t think it is possible for these monsters to get ANY closer to me!” Honey said out loud to herself and to her four foxes.  “Why stop at four, I always ask myself….”

“I always say you should have stopped at one, but that’s just me…” joked Scarlet.  Scarlet was the first of the four that Honey had collected over the years…..she had a soft spot for animals.

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There was a knock on the door.  Honey looked around her bedroom of her three roomed tree house and thought “Who on earth could that be?  Someone willing to climb a tree, I don’t remember leaving the ladder out….”

She climbed out of bed and made her way to the door…of course, it’s Stevie and Loki.  As usual, both Stevie and Loki were looking up from the ground with mischievous smirks on their faces.

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“Will you ever tell me how you do that?” asked Honey.
“I told you, I have long arms,” joked Stevie.
“Give me five minutes, then let’s go find Lulu.  I will explain on the way….”

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Honey didn’t bother lowering the ladder, she fluttered down carrying the four foxes in her Hand Woven Ethnic Bag.  Once as she let the foxes out, she immediately started showing off her new Rose Blossom Gloves.  She had crocheted them from the yarn of one of Mary’s Magic Lambs.
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“Those are very nice Honey.  Perfect, as always.  Now please tell me why we have to go find Lulu.  I was hoping we could maybe grab some breakfast?”

“Now that is exactly what I am trying to AVOID!  I want to do something fun!  We have to find Lulu because Charmy has been turned into a frog.  By the way, no one said you had to come…..” said Honey. 
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She wanted him to come.  It’s not half as fun to go on an adventure alone…..or as safe, he would say.  Plus, she knew he would come, so she didn’t mind not letting him know.  He didn’t bother to respond because he knew her too well.  She would wind up in way over her head, he was going.  They had almost made it through the forest towards the Castle, and there it was.  The little valley that I like to call, “Luluville,” thought Honey. 
Enchanting Irish Castle - Bunratty Castle

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“Honey, your wings…” reminded Stevie.  They were in town, and no one yet knew Honey was Morphen (part human, part fairy).  She grabbed her shawl from her bag and wrapped it over her wings.  She also pulled out a hat made of the same Magic Yarn and handed it to Stevie.

"Thanks, I look like a super hero in this!" teased Stevie. 
red/black winter hat - hand woven wool

“Oh darn,” said Honey. 
 She looked over to Lulu’s cottage to see that there was no Whimsy out in the field.  It wasn’t exactly hard to spot Whimsy, so Honey knew that Lulu must have already started on her trek.  Why she hadn’t sent her a mental text, was beyond Honey.  Hopefully she is ok….

“She probably went somewhere you can find frogs,” mentioned Stevie, “like a pond or lake…..”
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“Of course,” said Honey.  “She went to Lake Wales.  Her and Charmy always go there!  There are many frogs there as well, so I suppose it would make sense that that is where he would go.”

Whimsy appeared through the clouds up ahead of them.  All the foxes but Scarlet were tearing up the field, playing with each other.  Scarlet stuck by Honey, as she always did.  Whimsy landed with a gust of wind but as graceful as a dove. 

“Ms. Nettle, Zinc, and this cute little bunny?  What a combination!  What are you doing here?  And all together with Whimsy?  And most importantly, where is Lulu!?!”  asked an exasperated Honey.

bug-eyed frog leaning
Mrs. Nettle responded, “Well nice to see you too Honey.  Lucy has gone missing.  We think she may have went out on her own in search of Charmy.  We thought she had run off to say goodbye to Jan….but she never came back.  Whimsy must have received a message from her because he left us for a bit but came without her but seems very distraught.  I was hoping she sent you a message?”
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“But Whimsy can always find Lulu!  They have this special connection,” responded Honey.

“Both Lucy and I felt some evil force around us in the forest just by Wales Lake.  I wonder if someone or something is interfering with her ability.  We have got to go back and try to track her down,” said Ms. Nettle.
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“Something is wrong with all of this,” interjected Becky the bunny.  “You see, I overheard Lucy talking to a spider who called herself Jan.  The same Jan that Lucy ran after just before she went missing.  This spider wanted something from her, a key that she was wearing around her neck.  I think she was offering a trade, for a rose that she called ‘The Rose of Time’.” 
At the mention of the rose, Honey noticed Stevie slightly jump.  She nudged him and looked at him knowingly.  He shrugged it off and gave her a look that meant “Not now.”

“Ok, and finally, why is Zinc here?”
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Ms. Nettle looked very uncomfortable.
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“Well, I am a friend of Nettle here.  I happened upon her and Becky here, and thought I might be of help.”

“Alright, enough,” said Stevie.  “Let’s make a plan and get moving.”
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“We can’t all fit on Whimsy.  Honey and Stevie, you take her to the Chapel and start there.  We will head back to the Lake to see if we can find Charmy or any information about him.  Hopefully we will all end up in the same place in the end.
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Scarlet and Loki, follow us on the ground.  Take care of Scout and Dodger.  DON’T FIGHT!” said Honey to the foxes.  Loki and Scarlet gave each other a resentful look.  But they knew what they had to do.

With that, Honey and Stevie were off with Whimsy on their trek to find Lucy.

“Now about that rose…..” started Honey.

Stevie gave her a defeated look…..

“Ok, here goes…..”


Halloween - castle - Bran, Romania


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