Sunday, April 22, 2012

Best "Themed" Treasuries from the Team

What is more fun than finding a treasury that the theme is so fun to follow?  Renee from The Crochet Loft on Etsy is the QUEEN of making treasuries such as these....I figure it would be a great idea to start it off with one of her originals:

I wish we could actually see the encounter of Ms. Red and Mr. Weirdbeard....what do you think?

Thanks Renee for bringing us together:)

Melissa from The Crafty Panda Girl on Etsy put together this lovely treasury that truly brings together these three elements:    

by lovemyskinsoaps on Etsy

Whether you are clicking your heels, gliding on your toes, or showing off your spirit by having your own style...we all can fly!!:)

by floatingthreads on Etsy

by PinkCupcakeJC on Etsy


  1. Yes! Thank you Renee!!!! Hugs from HOT Las Vegas! (Weather I mean lol)

  2. I too loved the 'red riding hood' theme! That was really innovative, telling a story through pictures. Awesome work, Renee! :)