Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recent Foxes Den Team Treasuries!!

Spring is Everywhere - Foxes Den Team

This one is by me, Heather, from HoneysHandeys on Etsy

One of my favorites from this treasury comes from Margalita Mosaic  to see these up close and personal, go to  Home › Margalita › Home decor Candle holders Mosaic Pair -FREE SHIPMENT

By Land, By Sea, By Air ... The Foxes Den Super 17 - Round 8

This one is by Melissa from TheCraftyPandaGirl shop on Etsy:

One of my favorites from this treasury is Fiona's Pirate Hat with Green Feather from her Etsy Shop RoyalHouseOfWhimsy because lets face it.......Fiona looks the part of an adorable yet authentic pirate and I just love anything historical:)  Thanks Melissa and Fiona!:)

Leafy Greens For Spring Foxes Den Team Super 17 #8

by Fiona from RoyalHouseOfWhimsy on Etsy

I just love the whole theme - it ties together so beautifully!  Great job Fiona, thanks so much!  I had a very difficult time choosing a favorite from this batch, but I think that the Handmade Avocado Cucumber Soap, Eucalyptus Spearimint scented with Fresh Mint Leaves by Natalee from BlackWillowSoaps just sound so cool and refreshing....and the presentation is gorgeous:

Good Day - Sunshine!!

by Angelene Flowers from PaperPastiche on Etsy

You know when you look up at the sun to long and you can't get those "sun spots" to go away afterwards?  That is how I feel when I look at this amazing treasury made by Angelene!  I have to say that there are so many items that just make this treasury a ray of sunshine!  Here is just a taste of what you will see.....

Fluted Wax Soy Tarts in Orange Dreamsicle by Connie from Delicious Scents Of Soy ....YUMMY!:)


  1. Thanks for featuring my treasury!

    I love being a part of the Foxes Den. What team spirit!

    AND yes, Fiona does Rock that pirate hat! : )

  2. I love Margalit's artwork and have purchased soap from Black Willow Soaps -- mmm, I use my soap every morning ~ I love it because it doesn't leave a heavy scent, it smells refreshing; I like that in a soap because I have asthma and not able to use smelly stuff! :-))

    Beautiful treasuries!

    xo - Lulu