Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fox Necklace
Chapter 5 – Honey and Stevie

Honey, Whimsy, and Stevie landed near the Chapel. "The Rose was a mistake.....please don't get angry....." said Stevie.

Before Honey could respond, Stevie pushed on.  “When I was young, way before I had met you, I came across an infant in the forest.  She was all dressed up in this little monkey suit, she looked 
Dachshund Print
absolutely adorable.  Anyway, although she was so tiny, she could already speak more fluently than I could.  She asked me if I could help her find her dog.  Well, I had been just looking for something to do so I didn’t mind one bit.  
Crochet Sock Monkey Earflap Hat

Loki HATED dogs, so he sure knew how to track them down.  We found the pup in no time.  Adorable little thing, and just so rambunctious and….well, happy.  Which is funny, because the dogs name was happy.  

“Stevie, you are getting off topic…” interrupted an anxious Honey. 

Honey noticed a gorgeous strand of beautiful burgundy hand-woven yarn hanging from a thorn bush about a yard in front of them.  Stevie had been talking but Honey had tuned him out.  “Stevie, they went this way,” said Honey as she pulled the yarn from the bush.

Stevie HATED it when Honey tuned 

him out.  But he had the same problem 

with her, so I guess it was all fair.  “You 

are right…..Lucy really never does plan 

ahead does she?”

“You are right about that….but you are getting off topic 

again….” responded Honey. 

“I bring it up because I have spotted the footprints of a 

woman wearing heels…..either that or there is an animal out 

there with some very interesting feet,” joked Stevie.

Honey laughed.  As she 

was about to respond they 

both turned their heads 

toward the yipping coming 

from behind 

them.  The foxes made it!  

Loki and Scarlet both 

nuzzling up 

too Honey and snapping at each other, while Scout made 

doe eyes at Stevie and Djali just scampered around like a 

nut.  Whimsy gave Honey a push as if to say, “Let’s get 

going and not forget why we are here!”


Alice in Wonderland Art

Lucy and Salome were just about to enter the garden.

Salome had taken the key from Lucy, shoved it into the 

lock, and then just before she turned the key a loud a angry 

voice of a woman began to sound itself inside there heads....
Handmade Cloth Doll

"You better think twice before turning that key....remember what I did to Repunzel!"

Blue Glass Hearts

Salome and Lucy looked at each other and shrugged. "Here goes," said Salome as she turned the key.

Whimsy Tree, 10x8 Prismacolor marker
The garden was just full of exotic plants that neither of the girls had ever seen. Not only were the plants strange and exotic, but so were the insects and the birds. All of them incredibly beautiful, but also fantastically foreign.

Salome's eyes immediately turned toward a funny looking cherry tree. "That is what you have been looking for all this time. These cherries are what turned your ever so precious Charmy into a bug munching amphibian," said Salome.

Laying Bug Eyed Frog
Storybook Magnets

"What good is knowing what turned him into a frog? I need to know what will turn him back!" replied Lucy.

Salome picked one of the cherries right off of the tree. "Sometimes the causes of our problems are also the solutions. If you can get that frog of yours to eat this cherry, he will turn right back into whatever he was before he ate the cherry. I can promise change, not improvement," joked Salome.

"For your information, he doesn't need any improvement! Also, how do I know that you are telling the truth? For all I know, these cherries could turn him into something worse.....perhaps an worm or an ameoba! That would be TRULY terrible," said Lulu.

"Well, the only way to find out if it works is to try it out on yourself," said Salome.
Evil Disco Goth Queen
Halloween Witch Silhouette

Lucy knew that Salome might be evil, she may even be under the influence of the Wicked Queen. But what choice did she have? She didn't want to 'test' Charmy when she found him, so maybe the solution was to try it out on herself. If what Salome said was true, then she could turn right back.

Lucy picked on of the cherries, studied it for a moment, and then said "What the heck?" as she tossed it into her mouth. Just then, the door to the garden slammed shut.

"Who dares disturb my garden?" said the voice of an old woman...........

To Be Continued...

Frog Fairy Sticker


  1. LOL...I can't believe how cute this is. It certainly keeps me coming back for more!

    The shop items are darling as well.

    I bought the Fairy Tales book from 1946. I collect stuff made around the year I was born.

    As I've remarked before: eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

    XO - Lulu

  2. Yay! The drama continues... Who did that fox necklace, it is FOXY! I love it.
    Heather, this is brilliant.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my necklace! :)) Adorable blog you've got here!

  4. Love it and I bought the vintage book. It's from 1946 and I collect stuff from 1945-46. I was born in '45.

    Fine job of writing!


  5. Thank you so much for including our Alice and the Drink Me Bottle painting!